From Bordeaux to our exceptional terroir in the heart of Côtes de Bourg appellation discover the full history of Château Puybarbe through the centuries.

The origins


The name Bordeaux originates from the French “au bord de l’eau” meaning at the water’s edge, referring to the two rivers Garonne and Dordogne, which play an important role in the history and the success of the region and its winemaking...

The historical terroir

Côtes de Bourg

Cotes de Bourg is one of the oldest Bordeaux AOCs (“Appellation d’origine controlée”). It is situated 35 km north-west of Bordeaux on the Right Bank of Garonne and Dordogne rivers around the town Bourg-sur-Gironde. First “vitis biturica” in Cotes de Bourg were planted by the Romans…

The estate

Château Puybarbe

The Château Puybarbe has existed for several centuries, as evidenced by an engraving of the castle and the park, quoting "The old appanage of Peubarbe, the tales of Savignac - Gironde 15th century". Vineyards were planted in the Roman times on the hillsides, but the oldest proof of winegrowing activity in Puybarbe dates from 1895, through an act of sale of the property...