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Birgit’s Story:

It’s a pleasure to meet you and to introduce you to Cháteau Puybarbe.

Dreaming about buying a Chateau in Bordeaux? My friends Anna and Riku from Finland did just that in 2014. They bought Cháteau Puybarbe in the Còtes de Bourg region of Bordeaux. They fell for the cháteau up on the hill with most of its vineyards around them. And their wine is excellent.

I connected with Riku and Anna while living abroad in Switzerland and we share a long friendship ever since. As their wine making journey began, we had many conversations about the cháteau, the area and their vision in entering new markets. It is needless to say that after tasting their wines I was in love too! I had over my life the pleasure to travel around the world, visiting many wine areas and tasting their wine and local food, a pleasure, which I share with my husband Kai, who was born and raised in a wine region.

Now living in California for a couple of years it is about time to make those extraordinary Chateaux Puybarbe wines from our friends Riku & Anna available to you in the US to very affordable pricing as we work directly with the owners 

Kindest regards,
Birgit Schäffner 

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