Château Puybarbe

Château Puybarbe rests in a prime location atop one of the highest hills in the Bordeaux wine region. From a south sloping plateau east of the Gironde river, the vineyards while away the days drinking in the warmth and nourishment of a plentiful sun. 

The result is a terroir of exceptional richness, exploding with the fruit and aromas in the charmed vines.

Vineyards have thrived here since Roman times. They grow on more than a hundred acres of calcareous soil, brimming with the crushed limestone so loved by the superior quality grapes used to make Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc.

Anna Riku puybarbe owners

« Château Puybarbe is located in the heart of the appellation »

On the highest point of the third ridge line

Today the vines—some almost 80 years old—are managed using the best practices in sustainability. This blend of new and old producing somehow surprisingly modern wines still steeped with classic Bordeaux character. 

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