About us

Chateau Puybarbe is located in the heart of the appellation

It was a big step and a dream come true for Riku and Anna Väänanen from Finland when they bought Château Puybarbe in the Còtes de Bourg region of Bordeaux. The two of them fell in love with the charming château on a hill rising up from vineyards.

Though neither Riku nor Anna had any connection to the wine industry at the time, the estate called to them, and they acquired it in 2018 from the Orlando family who had tended it for over 60 years. They set about learning the art of wine making and blended it with the highest principles in organic and sustainable winegrowing.

Today Riku and Anna are living their dream as trusted members of the local wine community, and Château Puybarbe wines are a must have experience for any wine lover.


From Bordeaux to our exceptional terroir in the heart of Côtes de Bourg appellation discover the full history of Château Puybarbe through the centuries.


Making great wine starts out in the vineyard. It is a year-round job and requires hundreds of small tasks, undertaken with care and precision, repeated season after season, sometimes every day. Every task leads up to the potential outcome, the harvest itself. 


Combining tradition and precision of modern technology